Call for Papers

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Important note :
The deadline registration for presenters has been extended to 31th July 2016
   "Love - The Eternal Miracle" is a metaphporical and profoundly humanistic title. Love does not succumb to time, it is both personal, as well as impersonal, always alive, new, ever-changing. We recommend our participants who will present their papers or who will organize workshops to follow the guidlines and horizons of transpersonal psychology and of the other transpersonal sciences.
   We would expect that the themes will delineate the original contributions of the participants regarding: syntheses, theories, methods, techniques and therapies from the transpersonal universe, that will approach issues of immediate actuality and which will have embodiment in the concrete day to day life.
   We would wish the researches and scientific approaches of the feeling of great complexity which is love to predominate, in a common attempt of revealing a little of its miracle.