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Olivier Clerc is a Franco-Swiss writer and workshop leader, specialized in forgiveness, which he defines as the resurrection of love. He is the author of 15 books with translations in a dozen languages. He is also the creator of the Circles of Forgiveness which are presently spreading in numerous countries. With his wife, he is the founder of "Les Journées du Pardon" (Days of Forgiveness), a yearly Conference in France, with 20 reknown international speakers on forgiveness each time.
In this lecture, Olivier Clerc will first redefine what "forgiveness" can mean in the 21st century, because this word means different things to different people, based on their specific background. Forgiveness will appear as being the key to healing the wounds of the heart. Then, Olivier will present the major obstacles to forgiveness, which are mostly amalgams, forgiving being frequently associated with or mistaken for : condoning, forgetting, reconciling, excusing, etc. This new understanding of forgiveness  allows for a much simpler and efficient way of applying it in our daily lives, on a personal and/or a collective level.
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Forgiveness : the Rebirth of Love
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James Eyerman, MD practices Integrative Holistic Medicine and Psychiatry in Mill Valley, CA. He holds a degree in Classics from Holy Cross University, an MD from St. Louis University, and was trained in Psychiatry at Washington University, St. Louis. He utilizes Jungian Dreamwork and other windows to the unconscious such as Grof Holotropic Breathwork, Ericksonian Hypnosis, EMDR, DBT-Mindfulness, Ayurvedic Medicine, Pulse Diagnosis and Vedic Astrology, as well as western medicine, to address issues in depth, with the goal of psychological growth and transformation. For over four decades, he has practiced as a psychiatrist, Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, yoga and meditation teacher, and Ayurvedic spa director. He has been the medical director of Masters and Johnson Institute and Partial Hospital- St.Louis MO, Epworth Children's Home-St.Louis MO, LaMontagnia Eating Disorders Program-St.Louis MO, Peace for Kids-Catholic Charities-St.Louis MO, The Hume Center-Concord CA, Marin Transpersonal Institute-Mill Valley CA. He is Vice President of the Analytical Psychology Club of San Francisco as well as the Northern California Psychiatric Society. USCF/ Touro Assoc Prof Clin Psychiatry
Healing, Love, Liminal Space, Sex, and Transcendent Creativity issue forth from the interplay of the known with the unknown. The libido, art, beauty, and love (Venus), spontaneously arise in the deep mystery of psyche (Neptune) from the generative seeds of space-time (Chronos). This intersection of linear time with the timeless infinite results in creative disorientation, transcendence, erotic and creative energies.  Love and creativity require relinquishing the security of firm ego defenses to the point of ego death and dissolution of personal boundaries.
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Siegmar Gerken, Ph.D., ECP, HP(Psychotherapy) studied psychology, education and anthropology. He has pioneered body-oriented and mindfulness-centered therapy and Humanistic, Somatic and Transpersonal Psychology since 1971. He is on the faculty of JFK University Somatic Psychology, at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California, Behavioral Therapy Training Institute Hamburg and teaches at universities and private institutes worldwide on the interconnectedness of psychosomatic processes as they manifest on the levels of body, emotions, mind, will and consciousness. His research in energy field documentation with Prof. F. Popp on psycho-emotional states opened new horizons to scientists and practitioners. He is co-founder of the Scientific Committee of the EABP. Siegmar is a lecturer, therapist, trainer and supervisor.
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The Power of Love and the Flow of Life - Embodiment and Personal Development
Transpersonal and Psychosomatic Dimensions of the Body-Feeling-Brain-Mind-Consciousness-Continuum and what love has to do with it.

The Mystery of embodiment will always be a relevant topic in the unfolding and personal development in a human being. The trans-personal is recognized and experienced through the person, and a person always has a body. Therefore an integrative transpersonal approach must also be body-oriented to address the free flow of life perceived as a state of love and pleasure.
( Italy )
Holds a Medical Degree as Surgeon from Rome’s University of Studies in 1994.
Specialised in maxillofacial surgery since 2001.
Medical director at the San Camillo-Forlanini Hospital in Rome.
Begins to show interest in homeopathy, neural therapy, and agupuncture
Currently training in Psychosomatic, Biomagnetism and Tibetan Medicine.
Trained in Pneuma System and Pneuma Breathwork(R) since 2009 (a complete system of transpersonal development created by Juan Ruiz Naupari).
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The transpersonal language of the human body
The purpose of this job is to change how you see the illness and to use symptoms introducing it as a flag the body raise to observe, analyze and understand which ego’s attack we are suffering. Learning the transpersonal language of the human body, through the different techniques (meditation, Pneuma Breathwork, dreams), you’ll get a further tool of internal observation for studying those spaces "of shade" in which is fundamental to bring the light if we want to reach the individualization.
( Belgium )
Dean Hsuieh-Dean Lee is a transpersonal educator and MIPD certified dream worker with a focus on facilitating individual’s journey toward wholeness and self-discovery. He is a world citizen who is fluent in Chinese, French, and English with experience living in Asia (7 years), Europe (8 years), and the US (25 years). Dean is also an artist, musician, and business professional with experience in ten different countries. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business from the University of California at Berkeley, and a masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University in the USA. Dean has completed six years of non-degree art training at various schools in Los Angeles, and is a mostly self-taught musician.
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Conscious relationship as a path to wholeness
In this original lecture, I will talk about the meaning of wholeness, the nine hallmarks of a conscious relationship, and how conscious relationships lead us to wholeness.
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(South Africa)
Clinical psychologist / lecturer at Addington Hospital and UKZN.
Family Constellations facilitator
Worked in South African public health sector for the past 14 years, providing psychological services and psychotherapy to the public in hospital and community settings, supervising and teaching intern clinical psychologists and teaching undergraduate medical students.
Organic inquiry into consciousness transformations with special reference to Family Constellations healing
An organic inquiry into the experiences of 7 South African co-researcher psychologists, participating in 6 Family Constellations workshops over a 9 month time period is presented.  The first aim was to describe how transformations in consciousness unfold experientially. The second aim was to elucidate transformative elements of Family Constellations as a transpersonal healing method. Findings are considered in light of South African psychology training.
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Professor Belén Meneses Ángeles
Clinical psychotherapist with degrees in neuro-linguistics, transpersonal studies and pedagogy.
Active researcher in the fields of sacred movement, bio-energetics and amplified states of consciousness.
•Head facilitator at the Inkarri Transpersonal Institute in Querétaro(México).
•Professor at Pneuma System: Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
•Facilitator of amplified states of consciousness sessions (Pneuma Breathwork)
•Private clinical practitioner at Kushala Center.
•Director of the Kalia: sustainable and artisan work in Mexico.

It is my deepest desire to contribute in sharing principles that inspire a true and permanent change in humanity.
The eternal femenine, a transformative archetype in the therapeutic process
Healing takes on a deeper dimension when we transcend the limitations of understanding ourselves based only on our biographical experiencies.
Such is the case with one of the most symbolic and primary figures: our physical mother and every femenine figure representing her.
By contemplating and experiencing the magnitude of The Femenine Archetype in our process of self-discovery, we are able to liberate and transcend the most profound blockages that prevent us from loving more.

The integration of this sacred energy brings forth a new understanding. Liberating us from the sense of detachment and abandonment rooted in our psyche. Transforming and inspiring us with a new vision of ourselves and others.
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Dr. Serge Beddington-Behrens MA (Oxon.), Ph.D is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Educator, Seminar leader and teacher of personalised Spiritual Retreats. He has taught workshops and retreats all over the world and has many articles in many therapeutic journals. His speciality is 'Heart-Centred Psychotherapy' and his recent book is called 'Awakening the Universal heart: a guide for Spiritual Activists'. Many of his recent articles, interviews and lectures are to be found on his website www.spiritual-activism.com. His email address is infosergebb@gmail.com.
Awakening the heart of love
Just as pearls are only to be found inside oyster shells, so love is only to be found inside our hearts. But if, for whatever reasons, we have become closed off to our hearts, or if our hearts will have shut down, our love nature will not be able to emerge properly, and so whatever kind of 'love' we manage to access will always be a very 'watered down' version of the real thing! The sad thing is that many of us think this watered down version - where we only 'love' people whom we think love us and only associate love with romance and conditionality -is the 'real thing'. It is not. It is the 'unreal thing'. In this lecture I will not only talk about what constitutes a deeper or a higher love and the vast transformational power this quality of love possesses, but I will also explore how we may access this love and have more of it in our daily lives.
I have spent most of my life investigating the nature of Consciousness. This has taken me deep into Nature and research labs, found me speaking to scientific groups and attending, running and giving retreats, becoming a teacher of Arka Dhyana (IM), an eclectic therapist and a researcher of the inner world.  It also has involved service to the greater community.  Through all this I have discovered it is truly only through love that we can change ourselves. Also I have found that it is only through spirituality that we can weave everything, including all humanity, into a garland of Oneness.
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Only love can unite all the world into a garland of oneness
Love is a force, a mystical force, the only force which can unite the world.  Comparing Superstring Theory with Arka´s theory of the Different Levels of Consciousness, we contemplate the idea that, in addition to the four forces discovered by Western physicists, there is another force, and that is love. Here we also explore these two theories and the role the Intuitive Meditation method plays in helping us access different levels of consciousness, which in turn opens us to ever-new perceptions of reality. The miracle of love as a transformative unitive force is highlighted throughout this quest.
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(South Africa)
Dr. Marleen De Villiers is a Psychotherapist in Private practise in Cape Town, South Africa. She works with Transpersonal Psychotherapy and arts-based therapy methods. She is an Independent Researcher, with her current research interest being the process of Psychotherapy and the continuous development of the inner life of the Psychotherapist. Marleen also pursues research in mindfulness practices for Psychotherapists with a particular focus on arts-based practices. Marleen is an artist, making and exhibiting jewelery and creating mandalas for rituals and healing. She is a member of EUROTAS and a founder member of EDTTF. She regularly presents papers at international conferences and facilitates workshops locally and abroad.
Practicing mindfulness: an ethos of full presence honouring the therapeutic relationship.
The psychotherapeutic relationship between therapist and client embodies a deep love resonant with Transpersonal values such as unconditional acceptance, grace, compassion, authenticity, transparency, and so on. The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate how mindfulness practices have the potential to create an ethos of full presence for therapists engaged in the therapeutic session. Such full presence could be regarded as  an expression of honouring the therapeutic relationship. The practices explored here are meditation, mandala drawings and journal writing.
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Vineta  Lagzdina is a professional composer/musician/educator and music therapist with broad experience in multi-cultural healing traditions.
She holds academic degrees in music, with masters in fine arts, and music therapy. She runs courses Čhanging Lives through Music, produces radiophonic work, and has facilitated workshops and retreats in Australia, U.S.A.,Japan, Belgium,Holland, Spain,The Baltic states and Russia. Psychotherapy, meditation and intercultural healing (including Aboriginal Australian) inform her work.
Love your neighbour as yourself
"Love  your neighbour as yourself" from Mark 12, of the New Testament, is  echoed throughout human belief systems. I would like to examine this love from perspective of Christian, Buddhist, Sufi and other traditions,  and it's place in today's world.  What is the "mind of love" and the "heart of love"?
How can it resolve conflicts between nations? The same biological programming that drives us to violence and cruelty also provides us with  a bias toward kindness, compassion, love and nurture. Music is one expression of this love. Deep listening and loving speech is another.
( Spain)
Maite has been an investigator of levels of consciousness since her youth. She is a specialist in Therapeutic Pedagogy, Psychomotricity and the Psychopathology of Language.
She also holds a post-graduate degree in Intercultural Social Mediation. She is a facilitator of Group Processes. She has also completed her training in Systemic Constellations.
She has been working for more than 13 years for a culture of peace coordinating events of inter-faith dialogue and generating spaces of coexistence and cooperation through art (Art for Peace) and she is a mentor for the Dances of Universal Peace.
She has published childrens stories and participated in the creation of the poetic work, “Drifting Words”.
She investigates, through the ancestral traditions, the analysis and interpretation of dreams and those practices which allow us to remember them and also conscious dreaming and it’s application in therapy and human development. She offers Transpersonal Training in “Pneuma Dreamwork" and "Esential Shamanism". For 15 years she has shared her experience as a therapist and transpersonal trainer from the perspective of Pneuma System and Pneuma Breathwork in Europe and the Americas.
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Rites of Passage: ancestral psychotherapy and initiation
Rituals of transition, rituals linked to changes in nature  and Initiation Rituals… When ritual is connected with the Ancient Wisdom of the great traditions (mystery cults, religions, belief systems) it deploys its highest potential and, paradoxically, becomes an operative act, not merely metaphorical.
A comparative study of traditions reveals what symbols and myths remain alive and active and still function as detonators of internal processes of transformation, acting as caytalysts in the transcendence of symptoms and therefore as bridges leading from an ordinary level of consciousness to another highest not just one or a hundred experiences amplification, but rather integrating this awareness into their daily ability to love more and better.
Miguel Angel Morate Sandín is a psychologist specialist in psychoanalytic psychotherapy EFPA (European Federation of Psychologists' Associations) and Transpersonal Psychotherapist of EUROTAS. He is a member of the SIDPAJ (The International Society for the Development of Jungian Psychoanalysis) and the IEPPM (Institute of Medical Estudion Psychosomatic and Psychotherapy). He works as coordinator of the Psychiatric Hospital del Henares in Madrid, Spain. In 2013 I Became part of the team of facilitators of Pneuma System and Continues In His study of Amplified States of Consciousness and Their application in psychotherapy.
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Amplified states of consciousness: the inner map and its clinical application.
In this lecture I propose the myth of Perseus and Medusa as a possible framework for understanding the different stages of the inner journey. I will discuss in detail the invaluable information that this myth offers us from a fresh and intuitive perspective based in amplified states of consciousness. Finally, I will discuss a clinical case understood from a transpersonal perspective and resolved through the application of the foundational technique for the deepening and expansion of consciousness that PNEUMA SYSTEM offers us: PNEUMA BREATHWORK.
University professor, PhD in Psychology Department, Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, West University of Timisoara.
Doctor Honoris Causa (2010), Emeritus Professor (from 2013), Bologna Professor (2014)    
Since the year 2000 she teaches Transpersonal Psychology, for Psychology students in West University of Timisoara.
Published 12 books as author and 34 in collaboration, and over 150 articles and research papers, in volumes and journals
Has a Transpersonal Psychology Handbook, in press.
Formed in Group Experiential Psychotherapy (in România, 1999 - 2005); and in Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy (in Paris, 2002 - 2005). Trainer in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.
Organized, in Timișoara, 11 national Psychology conferences and 3 international Transpersonal Conferences.
Member in several professional associations.
President of the European Transpersonal Psychology Association (ETPA, from 2006).
Lecture in the Psychology Department of the Sociology and Psychology Faculty, from West University of Timisoara
Teaching at the bachelor and masters level, among the teaching interests are Transpersonal Psychology, Developmental psychology, Psychology of creativity and Educational Psychology
Professor Bologna in the year of 2015
Author and co-other of over 50 research studies, books and lecturer in conferences
Secretary of the European Transpersonal Psychology Association since 2007
Member in several professional organizations
Licensed psychologist in educational psychology, clinical psychology and counseling and member of the local committee of COPSI
Trained in transpersonal and experiential psychotherapy.
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Synchronistic Signs of Love
This study analyzed the role of the synchronicity in couple love.
Theoretical background. After the historic time line, the epochal contribution of Jung and Pauli, the parents of this concept is reveled.  They proved that synchronicity is complementary to causality and that there is a reality beyond consciousness and matter (Unus Mundus). After definition, characteristics and specifics of the concept, there will be several examples, by every major type noted by Jung, also from the love field.
The Brian Inglis questionnaire was applied to 26 subjects. The qualitative analyses confirmed the contribution of the synchronicity in love and gave more examples in this area. 
Love stories are frequently the role of synchronicity, which shows the involvement of a cosmic power.
The human is never alone, not even when this loves die.
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( U S A)
Peter Fairfield OMD, LAc,  Acupuncture, Oriental and natural medicine for 42 years, and healing as a boy. Taught acupuncture, Oriental medicine, Qigong and meditative healing programs throughout the US, resident acupuncturist at the Esalen Institute, Currently Adjunct professor At ACTCM in San Francisco.
Spiritual experiences propelled him to develop an East/West model of psychophysiology. In Nepal, China and India for 7 years, he used pulse diagnosis to assess advanced meditative and qigong practices on yogis to understand the deeper patterns of personality, disease and the fundamental intelligence of illness. He training included long retreats in Nepal, China and India. He teaches from Tibetan, Taoist, Qigong and Indian lineages. He was recently ordained a swami.
Now living in Prescott Arizona. he specializes in psychiatric issues of mood, behaviour, personality and the transformative process.
He rated at the master level by the National Qigong Society and recently ordained as swami Premanand by Swami Bhramdev in Rishikesh, India.
His current book is “Deep Happy and his most recent paper, “Paricardium Energetics” published In the fall 2015 edition of the California Journal of Oriental Medicine.
Assessing and Healing Human Bonding Deficits
Before we are born, even before conception, events effect the development, of our budding personality. None is important than our ability to bond; the basis for the emotional tone, shape and coherence of our bodies and future relationships.
Dr. Fairfield has developed a concise system of assessing and treating bonding deficits using the 8 Extra-meridians of Chinese Medicine.
Easy to understand and clinically useful, even for those with no previous familiarity with Chinese Medicine. An experiential class, therapeutic tools and approaches from several disciplines will be presented. Participants will have the opportunity to practice these techniques in class in class.
Milica is born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, but spent the second half of her life in the US. Initially with business background (MBA. University of Illinois), and many years spent in investment and marketing in the US, she ventured into the "different waters". Her new life meant pursuing more formally her long standing interest in the transpersonal field. Currently the 4th year PhD student at Sofia University/ITP, she is also RYT500 yoga instructor (India), the explorer of spiritual healing (Brazil), and very passionate about transpersonal psychology and the ways it can change the world.
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Transpersonal emotions of love and compassion in collective context.
According to several forefathers and theoreticians of transpersonal psychology, the highest stage of transpersonal and spiritual development is the self-transcendence. That means going from the ego-centered self love to the ego-less love, compassion and self-less  service. The transformation of love as an affective state of being into the love that encompasses our communities and broader contexts (the planet - Earth consciousness and the cosmic consciousness) are the pinnacle of the personal transformation. From the point of view of yoga, it also means activation of the heart chakra for the evolutionary energy to flow  and transform us from the "human islands" to the true "shores of the same ocean". Those transpersonal emotions become the main building blocks of the transpersonal social engagement and sacred activism.
( U S A)
Peter Fairfield OMD, LAc,  Acupuncture, Oriental and natural medicine for 42 years, and healing as a boy. Taught acupuncture, Oriental medicine, Qigong and meditative healing programs throughout the US, resident acupuncturist at the Esalen Institute, Currently Adjunct professor At ACTCM in San Francisco.
Spiritual experiences propelled him to develop an East/West model of psychophysiology. In Nepal, China and India for 7 years, he used pulse diagnosis to assess advanced meditative and qigong practices on yogis to understand the deeper patterns of personality, disease and the fundamental intelligence of illness. He training included long retreats in Nepal, China and India. He teaches from Tibetan, Taoist, Qigong and Indian lineages. He was recently ordained a swami
Now living in Prescott Arizona. he specializes and teaches on psychiatric issues of mood, behaviour, personality and the transformative process.
He rated at the master level by the National Qigong Society and recently ordained as swami Premanand by Swami Bhramdev in Rishikesh, India.
His current book is “Deep Happy and his most recent paper, “Pericardium Energetics” published In the fall 2015 edition of the California Journal of Oriental Medicine.
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Healing the Ability to Love:  A Modern Look at Heart and Pericardium Energetics.
Chinese medical theory presents the Heart/Pericardium (H/P) system and its role in complex psychiatric, emotional and developmental issues. To experience love and intimacy or the lack of it is the result of the functional capacity of the H/P system due to healthy support or traumatic insult. These can be simply identified through the diagnostic means of facial, vocal and symptomatic assessment. This is an experiential class with colorful graphics. Therapeutic possibilities using the tools from several disciplines will be presented.
This system is easy to understand and clinically use even for those with no previous familiarity with Chinese Medicine.
Lect.dr University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Victor Babes" Timisoara; conducts training and practical work of health psychology, psychology and behavioral sciences and psychology nutrition.
Author of five books.
Member of the Association of Transpersonal Psychology, Timisoara branch, Member of the Institute HeartMath
Analysis Certification in Transpersonal and Pneuma breathing.
Title Presentation
The power of love and gratitude
Short Abstract
The two highest vibrations we can feel are love and gratitude. Expressing love and gratitude towards etherboot will raise the vibration, which will have a ripple effect on everyone else around.
Adopting an attitude of gratitude for our life, surroundings and experiences will help us to grow into a happier, kinder human being. All around you will be drawn to our positive energy and feel your appreciation towards them. 
Unconditional love allows you to love yourself first, so that you have the strength of heart and mind to give the same to another person in order to heal.
( Russia )
Vladimir Maykov, Ph.D. is a pioneer of transpersonal studies in Russia. Since 1990, he has developed and taught more than 15 teaching and training programs in transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy. He is the author of «Elements of Transpersonal Psychology» (2000), «Holotropic Breathing: History, Sources, Research, Clinics» (2001), «Transpersonal Psychology: Sources, History, Present-day State» (2004) and «Transpersonal Project: Psychology, Anthropology, Spiritual Traditions» (2007). He founded an international publishing project to publish transpersonal psychology texts in Russian and has edited about 80 books for this project. He is senior research associate at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Chair of School of Spiritually-oriented Psychology at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalyses. He is founding President and Board member of the Russian Association for Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy, Board member of EUROTAS and ITA, and founder of Transpersonal Project - organization for promoting the whole spectrum of transpersonal knowledge. www.transpersonal.ru
He is film director,  of the documento film “The Dance of Infinity”.
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Love and Sex: An Eternal Quest for Unity in Modern Time
As Plato’s said, an Androgen is what we lost as human being separated through being woman and man, and this is why sex is considered as a primal tool for reunification and becoming whole. But when we follow sex the Love is becoming Metaphysical Impossibility! When we are in cage of limited perception of ourselves and our partner as “normal material human being” we are cutting ourselves from Infinite source of Great Love - our true human nature.
We will explore the path to Unity through sex and love in different cultures through the human history to understand the lost secret of true intimate connection.
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(U S A)
Dr. Steven Schmitz is a professor at Sofia University USA, and also teaches at transpersonal institutes in Italy, Latvia, Russia, and Great Britain. He maintains a private practice of transpersonal counseling, shamanic counseling, and spiritual guidance. Dr. Schmitz is the Board Secretary of EUROTAS, the President of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology, and a Board Trustee of Sofia University USA. Steven has been in a long-term committed relationship for 30 years. He and his wife not only still love each other, they also still like each other.
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
Toward a psychology of conscious couple relationships: A transpersonal approach to loving.
“A long-term committed love relationship is the world’s most rigorous spiritual path,” said Angeles Arrien, one of my revered teachers. This referred to the meaningful challenge, intense struggle, and joyful potential connected with long-term committed love. Many people desire this kind of relationship, yet many do not know how to find, nurture, and sustain one.

This presentation will explore what conscious couples look like from a transpersonal perspective.  It will examine how couples relate in different and healthy ways, which support intra- and interpersonal growth, encourage strong friendship, a loving connection, and embrace ways to nurture each partner’s soul.
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
( Romania )
Ionel Mohîrţă Ph.D. (born on the 2nd of February 1962 in Râmnicu Sărat) is a Romanian psychosociologist, the founder of sonoluminescent psychology and therapy.
Studied psychology at Bucharest University, has a PhD in psychology, and is the Vicepresident of The European Association of Transpersonal Psychology, Executive Director of the Romanian Association of Transpersonal Psychology and the editor at the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. He specializes in regression therapy, internal Taoist alchemy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, information analysis and synthesis and Pneuma breathwork and has developed a life long experimental and theoretical research in Psychothanatology. After he published the psychothanatological study “Vibrația Eternă a Sufletului” (The Eternal Vibration of the Soul) in 2003, he conducted research on the influence of light and sound on the human personality.
A Journey in Sonoluminescent Therapy
The Sonoluminescent Therapy (The Healing of the Soul and Food for the Spirit through light and sound) is a therapy based on both listening and pronouncing certain sounds, but also the optimum circulation of inner light, working towards achieving a rebalance of the human light soul matrix and psychological healing.
It is a quantum therapy based on the cultivation of  willpower towards raised levels of consciousness and emotional equilibrium together with soul peace. The force of sound transforming in the heart's light leads to love. Light, as well as love, never stays hidden. They reach the infinity.
Robin Wildt Hansen is a visionary author whose main mission is to find and give expression to the realities that lie beyond the surface level of easy truths.
Robin is a graduate of Theology and Religious Studies, and an avid student of mythology, neuroscience, modern physics and psychology.
He has carried out extensive field research on the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomble.
Half English, half Danish, Robin was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has lived in a variety of countries. He currently lives in Bucharest, Romania.
Spiritual Initiation to Heal the World
Spiritual initiation keeps traditional societies connected with the love that is the driving force behind reality and is grounded in nature. At one point it existed in all societies on earth.

What are the consequences of the fact that we no longer have spiritual initiation in our society?

In this presentation, I argue that the lack of spiritual initiation is the deepest cause of our modern culture's alienation from nature and from the love and connectedness with a higher reality that gives meaning to the lives of individual humans.