Stuart Sovatsky, PhD, USA, degreed from Princeton University, is co-president of ATP USA, and author of Advanced Spiritual Intimacy Your Perfect Lips and Words From the Soul, has led chanting since 1972 in the US, India, Russia and Europe, including in youth prisons and with the Chairman of Unaligned Nations of the World (J. Drnovsec), S. S. Ravi Shankar and the Perfect Master of Indian Sufism. He was originator of the forty-country 2008 World Congress of Spiritual Psychology in Delhi, India. His ensemble, Axis Mundi, has four CDs.
Regina U. Hess, Ph.D., Germany, holds a joint Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology from the USA/UK, and is a clinical psychologist (Germany), transpersonal psychotherapist and independent researcher. She is faculty at international transpersonal educational institutes.
Regina is on the Board of Directors of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS), is co-founder of the EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research (EDTR), of the EUROTAS Disaster/Trauma Task Force, and of the international Transpersonal Research Network. 
        She is specializing in embodied phenomenology, arts-based methods, and transcultural field research with a specific interest in embodiment and expanded states of consciousness for healing through awakening and the transformation of individual and collective trauma. Further activities include the bridging of research with film, music, and art. Regina is in the editorial team at the Integral Transpersonal Journal and at the journal Forum Qualitative Social Research™.
Title Presentation
Entering the Villa dei Misteria - Awakening to Spiritual Intimacy  A Celebration of the Miracle of Love/Life Mysteries
Short Abstract
In a ceremonial setting, we will guide you in an embodied way, how to enter your Villa dei Misteria -a sacred space to awaken and celebrate your spiritual intimacy with the miracle of the love/life mysteries. The workshop intensive will include theoretical and research background. The experiential part will include fire and water ritual, chanting and ritual body postures to evoke ecstatic trance.
We will work in the sacred circle to connect with the collective dimension. We will teach hands-on-practices for evoking, enhancing, and awakening your advanced spiritual intimacy, as an embodied celebratory way of living the love/life mysteries abundantly.
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
Professor Jure Yoram Biechonski Counselling - Psychologist
President of the Estonian Transpersonal Association
School of Analytical and Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.
As founder and Creator of THA (Transactional Hypno-Analysis)
Holds academic degrees in:
History, Philosophy, education, French Literature, and Psychology. 
So far Jure is running regular courses in 8 different countries and lectures in more than 65 countries worldwide.
Jure brings to the course 30 years of practice as a psychotherapist and his 9 years study of Hypnotherapy and NLP to an advanced level.
Former teacher and actor, he has eight years of academic education plus three years of training in Humanistic Counselling and two years in Family Counselling.
He has studied Psychodrama in Berlin, Art & Dance Therapy in Italy. After international experience working with individuals and companies, Jure moved to the U.K. to study for higher academic qualifications.
As a psychotherapist Jure uses Hypnotherapy as a tool to accelerate the therapeutic process by accessing the subconscious mind.
Jure has studied for three years in The U.K. College of Hypnotherapy & Counselling and is a graduate of The Atkinson B
Loving Relationships, Intimacy & SPIRITUALITY
Our subconscious drives us to re-create our childhood psychological dynamics in an attempt to heal the central wounds we carry.

This seminar will be utilizing a variety of creative activities to teach couples and singles desiring an intimate union to identify their defenses against intimacy and to understand the subconscious forces that influence partner selection and contribute toward harmonious relationships. hands-on practices.
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
Fabio Freddi is born and raised in Varese, Italy. He is getting his counselor degree at the Integral Transpersonal Institute of Milan. His path of inner growth brought him to work for many years with the Mexican Yok'hah Maya Nahual tradition, the Afro-Brazilian shamanism and the teachings of the Indian Master Baba Bedi: his therapeutic approach unifies these visions to wake up the personal power of self-healing. He also got a bachelor’s degree in Human Communication Sciences and he developed experience and skills in graphic design and promotion fields. He has been djing and scratching records since the age of 15: after years of dj competitions, music production and club djing, he is now leading transpersonal experiences where the bodymind work melts down with dance, music and free expression. Currently he is also working in educational and social projects for young people and adults.
Awakening the Life Force: a Transpersonal DJSET experience
We awaken the Life Force in us trough a series of ritual movements that are connected to the different vibrations of the archetypes. This starting practice is taken from the transpersonal methodology called Biotransenergetics.
           When we "enter the flow", we are ready to surrender to it and to let it be: our journey continue. The DJ will play music exploring the different qualities of the Forces of Nature that we have awaken.
           We create the conditions to shift to Oneness: the contact with other people will be filtered from words, our feet will be free from our shoes, our dancing, free expression and our state of consciousness will be modified just by the power of the field and by the connection with our True Self, because alcohol is not allowed.
Regina U. Hess, Ph.D., Germany, holds a joint Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology from the USA/UK, and is a clinical psychologist (Germany), transpersonal psychotherapist and independent researcher. She is faculty at international transpersonal educational institutes.
Regina is on the Board of Directors of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS), is co-founder of the EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research (EDTR), of the EUROTAS Disaster/Trauma Task Force, and of the international Transpersonal Research Network. 
        She is specializing in embodied phenomenology, arts-based methods, and transcultural field research with a specific interest in embodiment and expanded states of consciousness for healing through awakening and the transformation of individual and collective trauma. Further activities include the bridging of research with film, music, and art. Regina is in the editorial team at the Integral Transpersonal Journal and at the journal Forum Qualitative Social Research™.
Born in 1945, Dietrich lives near Freiburg/Germany, works as a clinical psychologist and medical specialist in psychosomatic medicine in his own psychotherapeutic practice with adults on a client centered and transpersonal basis since 1980. He is trained in client centered therapy, focusing, depth psychology, Gestalt, transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy, and family constellations. Dietrich is a  trainer for the German Association for Client Centered Psychotherapy and Counselling. He is a former member of the EUROTAS Board, is a member of  the German Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN), and is in the core team of the “International Institute for Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy, Freiburg, Germany.
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
A Heart Blown Open-Stairway to Love: Relevance of Psychoactive-Assisted Psychotherapeutic Interventions and Implications from Research and Practice
Consciousness-expanding (psychoactive) substances have been used for thousands of years in ritualistic applications by many cultures to enhance and assist spiritual and psychological development and healing. In this workshop, interventions with different psychotropic substances will be presented including MDMA the so-called „heart opener“ as a „stairway to love“, based on clinical applications, along with examples of  authentic cases and evidence from research findings. The relevance, possibilities and limits of a transpersonal psychotherapy with psychotropic substances will be discussed, and the importance of a safe setting will be outlined. Further space will be given for the sharing of personal experiences.
Eurotas 2016 & The Romanian Association for Psychological Knowledge and Intervention                                                                         Webdesign GS
( Spain )
Juan Ruiz Naupari is the creator of Pneuma System, a new transpersonal perspective based on the comparative study of the ancient spiritual traditions of the planet. This system of self-knowledge includes a powerful practice, Pneuma Breathwork®, which grants access to amplified states of consciousness. It is safe and easy-to-do.
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
Pneuma Breathwork
A Pneuma Breathwork workshop begin with an introduction where the objective of the breathwork is explained, as well as a general outline of Pneuma System and Pneuma Breathwork as its complement and core practice.
The breathwork is a dynamic practice that lasts approximately 2 hours - it’s aim is to amplify consciousness and bring about a state of profound introspection. It is accompanied by music that is tailored to the particular work being carried out during each session.
Upon completion of the breathwork itself, we aim to integrate the practice through a variety of expressive techniques such as the use of a talking stick or the drawing of mandalas.
Olivier Clerc is a Franco-Swiss writer and workshop leader, specialized in forgiveness, which he defines as the resurrection of love. He is the author of 15 books with translations in a dozen languages. He is also the creator of the Circles of Forgiveness which are presently spreading in numerous countries. With his wife, he is the founder of "Les Journées du Pardon" (Days of Forgiveness), a yearly Conference in France, with 20 reknown international speakers on forgiveness each time.
In this workshop, Olivier Clerc will share with you the unique ritual he has created, based on his life-changing experience with don Miguel Ruiz ("The Four Agreements") in Mexico, back in 1999, which changed his life. This transpersonal ceremony, both very simple and very powerful, allows participants to get a first hand experience of forgiveness, which is often experienced as a "shower of the heart", allowing love to flow freely again.
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
Forgiveness : the Rebirth of Love
Ingrida Indane Eurotas 2016
Ingrida Indane, MA, psychologist, artist, educator, certified transpersonal psychotherapist and supervisor.
President of Latvian Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy Association, director of Transpersonal Education Institute in Latvia, Board member and Executive director of European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS). Studied arts, pedagogy, psychology, psychotherapy, arts therapy, family constellations. She has integrated transpersonal psychology and arts therapy in her work since 1995. In her practice she applies both shamanistic and Buddhism psychological techniques that she has learned individually from private  teachers. Conducted seminars and workshops on transpersonal psychology, arts and arts therapy in European Union, India, Australia, US, Russia and Moldova. Working with private clients/patients for more then 15 years.
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
Love and support with methods of transpersonal arts therapy
Transpersonal Arts Therapy is a process that is not done just through analytic mind,  but rather through the heart and intuition.  Both, the artwork creation process, and its final product can be healing in a wide variety of levels.
This workshop is provided for those who enjoy drawing and painting and would like to find new resources for improving communication with themselves and others through empathy, love and support. The participants do not need any preliminary artistic skills or abilities, as true artistic creation, realized in an altered state of consciousness, is available to everyone.
(United Kingdom)
Mark Wentworth has been studying and working with the healing power of colour for nearly 30 years. He is the founder and principal of Colour for Life, a training school for Colour Psycho-Dynamics and The Colour Quest, both life enhancing methods integrating colour therapy with the collective and visionary worlds of C.G. Jung, Dr Roger Woolger’s Deep Memory Process (DMP), Shamanism and Transpersonal based healing. Mark pioneered workshops in the late 90’s uniting colour with bodywork, expressive arts and psychodrama techniques, giving colour, for the first time, not only a voice but also story and action.
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
Colour is a silent, yet immensely powerful, universal language that communicates beyond the spoken word; it is the language of the master storytellers and story doers, and whispers stories about love from and of the heart. Colour, by its mere presence, invites the human spirit to flourish and blossom in love. When we engage with and learn to translate our own colour language through action-methods and story we open to the potential of our own innermost being, when actively and consciously step across the threshold, we embark upon our own sacred journey of the heart.
Siegmar Gerken, Ph.D., ECP, HP(Psychotherapy) studied psychology, education and anthropology. He has pioneered body-oriented and mindfulness-centered therapy and Humanistic, Somatic and Transpersonal Psychology since 1971. He is on the faculty of JFK University Somatic Psychology, at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California, Behavioral Therapy Training Institute Hamburg and teaches at universities and private institutes worldwide on the interconnectedness of psychosomatic processes as they manifest on the levels of body, emotions, mind, will and consciousness. His research in energy field documentation with Prof. F. Popp on psycho-emotional states opened new horizons to scientists and practitioners. He is co-founder of the Scientific Committee of the EABP. Siegmar is a lecturer, therapist, trainer and supervisor.
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Short Abstract
Love is the Resonance with the Flow of Life™
Integrate Your Past • Be in the Present • Shape Your Future

This flow is represented in our Pulsation of Being - from the cellular to the interstellar system. On the physiological level it is moved by the rhythm of the heart which again is influenced by our physical, emotional and mental attitudes which shape our attitudes and personalities.

To experience these energies and understand how you participated in structuring your experiences in life, Siegmar will guide you from intrauterin pre-natal and post-natal conditions, through early developmental movements to intra-personal and inter-personal perceptions, connecting you with a Unity of Being, that enables you to direct your life from your personal and social level into larger dimensions of your transpersonal existence with the Will of Your Heart™.
  Dana Indāne is a natural voice practicioner, singer, voice improviser and performance artist from Latvia. She has moved through performance art, theatre, natural voice work and contemporary improvisation towards transpersonal psychology.
Dana currently studies at Latvian Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She has a MA degree in Contemporary Improvisation from Estonian Academy of Music and in Theatre Arts from Latvian Academy of Culture. She has studied Performance design at Roskilde University Centre in Denmark and Danish culture studies at LAC.
Since 2008 she explores alternative approaches to voice and body work and shares this knowledge through workshops and individual voice work. She is also leading workshops of free improvisation in Latvia and abroad. She gives concerts, directs musical performances and teaches voice work to professionals, students, amateurs of a wide range.
All her life she has been surrounded by artists and therapists in her family, and since 2009 she has been exploring meditation and therapy techniques in her self-research. In her conscious voice work she unites stage experience, academic knowledge, transpersonal approach and meditation practices.
Title Presentation
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
Short Abstract
Free Voice Playground
  Often we seek for love through relationship, spiritual teachers, therapy, meditations, self analysis, intimacy, soulmates, deep connections and other experiences...but at the end everything is much more simple - love exists here and now, it lives in our body, in our ability to connect to this moment and open up, expanding the inner space, relaxing the body, breathing deeper and more conscious, and allowing anything that is there to be.

  In this free voice playground You are invited to play with you body, movement, breathing and most of all - with the sound of your voice, allowing anything that is there to be, to flow, to meet, to play and to be enjoyed! We will be playing consciously on our own voice instrument, naturally melting with the moment of Love here and now.
Siegmar Gerken, Ph.D., ECP, HP(Psychotherapy) studied psychology, education and anthropology. He has pioneered body-oriented and mindfulness-centered therapy and Humanistic, Somatic and Transpersonal Psychology since 1971. He is on the faculty of JFK University Somatic Psychology, at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California. In our trainings, we also focus on expression and movement. When I am in Colombia, I enjoy salsa, in Argentina, tango. In my friendship with Anna Halprin for over 30 years, dance has become an expression of the totality of life, whereas Zen teaches me the state of non-doing. Many streams led to the development of my open form of CoreDance as a celebration of Energy and Consciousness.
Love as a Celebration of Life - Live with Energy and Consciousness
A CoreDance creative Movement Event
Dance • Authentic Movement • Creative Expression • Mindfulness • Meditation

Love as the resonance with the flow of life can be experienced in the spectrum from dynamic stillness to ecstatic moments of the wild heart dancing. We will explore all these nuances and dimensions.

Come to dance and move • Come to feel the joy in you • Come to explore your Mindful Body
Come to express your creative potential • Come to resonate with the flow of life
Above all: Celebrate your Being

Join us for an event of joy-filled, transformative process and inner and outer movement. Connect with your essence in a dynamic, playful and deeply centering way.
( Ecuador )
Nicolas Cambas. 34, Argentina.
Nicolas is a scene and experimental artist who researches in the fields of art, therapy and society. His main tools are empathy and play. He is a professional clown and clown teacher who´s been developing his own particular style in performance, scene direction and pedagogy for more than 14 years. He is a nomad. His voyages brought him to go in depth with the magic world of Andean-Amazonean Shamanism, exploring rituals, musical roots and cosmovisions. He has also designed and participated in humanitarian projects in war context and social emergencies. His artistic and therapeutic work has been selected to participate in festivals, gatherings and projects in Latin America and Europe: Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Austria, Germany, France, Poland and Estonia, where he also taught in diverse universities, theatres, schools of art, spirituality, transpersonal psychology and humanitarian aid.
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
The essence of presence - Playing for life
When did we stop playing? In modern and civilized world, personality cristallizes as soon as we finish our education processes, and we become adults. And this means relying only on pre existant structures, getting out of the moment,  and forgeting that we are creators. Creators of our own life and destiny.

In this workshop, through practical exercises and experiences that come from clowning, improvisation, meditation, tantra practices and a shamanic guidance, we can re establish the lost connection with our inner child, and help to heal its wounds, in order to bring more pressence, joy and opennes to our lives and hearts.
  Vitor Rodrigues, PhD, was the President of EUROTAS, 2004-2009, and the Coordinator of the EUROTAS Committee for Certification and Accreditation, 2000-2013. He is a practitioner in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and a writer, having published 12 books from Sci-Fi to social criticism to self-help manuals. He taught Educational and Developmental Psychology in Portuguese universities for 17 years. He resorts to Regression Therapy, Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Psychic Defence and other procedures. Currently he is working on his own model for psychotherapy, with the name “Awakening Transpersonal Psychotherapy”.
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
Awakening Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Love
Awakening Transpersonal Psychotherapy assumes that we are indeed, as the Perennial Philosophy has stated many times, going through the delusion of being a personal self, living a life focused on survival and personal egotistic issues. Its task is helping people awakening to a different state and a different biographical view and changing everything about one's personal identity. It works systematically with identification, de-identification and detachment, establishing a permanent parallel between dreamwork and the work we can do on our "dreamy" state of mind and limited view during "awakened" life. In this workshop, we will work on Love from this perspective.
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Short Abstract
  Margarida Vine is a professor and psychotherapist. Doctorate in Multimedia and Master of Arts from Unicamp. Expert in the field of Philosophy of Education at Unicamp. Vocational training in Vocal Dance & Voice Movement Integration with Patricia Bardi, the Netherlands. Degree in dance from Unicamp and Psychology in UNIFIL (Cesulon), in Brazil. Trained  as Flower Therapist in IPESB, Londrina. Course in Transpersonal by ALUBRAT - Campinas. Course in Buddhist Psychology & Transpersonal Psychology from ABPT in Dharamsala - India. She is currently training in Psychosomatic at the Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy in England. She  also studies Spagiria. She taught at Unicamp and the University Tuiuti. Currently teaching at the State University of Londrina (UEL). Run free courses in Integrative Dance Sound at schools, Symoosia, Conferences and Festivals. The focus of her research is the understanding of the human being as a whole and studies the relationship between creative processes, floral therapy, meditation and movement for health and well being.
Integrative Dance Sound: Meeting with love inside Yourself
The right to breathe , not to be ashamed of his/her own existence , to vocalize , to choose, contact with yourself and the other , loosen up in space - the right  of  fully expressionista. Making the invisible visible : exploring the unconscious , dealing with internal energy, seek shade and light , a path to manifestation. This workshop proposes to  rediscover  the creative potential and the pleasure to dance and vocalize as naturally experienced in childhood. Through dancing the body systems the work enable the meeting with love inside each participant.
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
(U S A)
James Eyerman MD ABIHM DFAPA    My introduction to transpersonal psychology began with a NDE at age 16 when my Karmann Ghia convertible hit an oil slick and flipped 1.5 times onto its roof. Then Thomas Merton, 5 weeks before his death,  sent me a note to “READ JUNG AND LEARN TO MEDITATE." Krishnamurti’s The Only Revolution gave me a taste of non-duality. LSD psychotherapy by Stan Grof provided a Western frame for such experiences.  Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga, Jyotish, psychopharmacology, Dreamwork, transpersonal psychology, and Holotropic Breathwork have been my lifetime's focus.
Nine Planet and Kali Yuga Planet Puja
We will learn the worship of the Nine Planets [Navagraha Puja] and the worship of Transpersonal Planets [cha Kali Yuga Graha Puja] to relate our individuality to the cosmic archetypes of consciousness.
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
Dr. Liora Birnbaum is a former Head of B.A social work program  in Israeli academia and an independent clinician and researcher. She holds academic degrees in Education, Philosophy,  Social work & psychology. Liora's pioneering work on administering  mindfulness meditation workshops to social work students paved her way to further integrate alter states of consciousness into psychotherapy.  As an experienced channeler she works regularly with Universal Consciousness for the benefit of her patients and students. So far She obtained a large body of knowledge organized around the psychology of the soul which is taught in her courses. Her work was published internationally and she is currently working on a book summarizing ten years of research.  She serves in the editorial board of the Journal of Transpersonal Studies.  
Channeling - Based -Psychotherapy
This workshop focuses on the  human ability to shift between the familiar, personal state of  consciousness (self)  to a joint quantum one (Self)and utilize it as means of inquiry and data collection in psychotherapy. Obtaining information using higher consciousness is known as channeling.
Along with Jung's concept of the collective unconscious, and his view of intuition as the forth mental force,  this workshop asks: Are we able to contain varied views  of our 'selves' and our reality?  Can anybody channel? 
Channeling in the service of self transformation will be discussed and experienced through personal and group activities.
(U S A)
James Eyerman MD ABIHM DFAPA    My introduction to transpersonal psychology began with a NDE at age 16 when my Karmann Ghia convertible hit an oil slick and flipped 1.5 times onto its roof. Then Thomas Merton, 5 weeks before his death,  sent me a note to “READ JUNG AND LEARN TO MEDITATE." Krishnamurti’s The Only Revolution gave me a taste of non-duality. LSD psychotherapy by Stan Grof provided a Western frame for such experiences.  Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga, Jyotish, psychopharmacology, Dreamwork, transpersonal psychology, and Holotropic Breathwork have been my lifetime's focus.
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
Trance Dance Training
Experiential Workshop: we will learn how to 1] enter liminal space and 2]proceed to trance states induced by 3] movement and music. The mystical secrets of the body in rhythm will allow us to spontaneously discover inner wisdom and connect to one another through the collective consciousness in the freedom of the soul.
With more than thirty years of research and experience in the transpersonal states and their application in therapy and human development, he gives conferences in Europe, Asia and America, and helps his students in their inner process.

Every year he gives more than 500 hours of workshops, seminars and international conferences. The areas of his research includes: alchemy and sexuality, the Vedas, elements of Egyptian religion and Greek philosophy, the gnostic manuscripts of Nag Hamadi, history and philosophy of the first Christian masters. Through his studies in Andean anthropology and pre-Hispanic cultures, he has created the Essential Shamanism movement, a synthesis of the sacred traditions of the 'new continent'.

Juan Ruiz Naupari is the Founder and International Director of Transpersonal Institute Inkarri which organized the visit of H.H. the XIV Dalai Lama to Puerto Rico in 2004 and requested and cosponsored the Buda Maitreya Initiation that H.H. gave in India in 2011. He has coordinated the World Tour for Inner Peace since 1992. This tour consists of two projects: the Buda Maitreya project and the Q’eros project. These solidarity projects support the Tibetan and Andean cultures.

He offers training in «Analysis Transpersonal and Pneuma Breathwork®» at an international level. In Bucharest and Timisoara he also offers the training in «Pneuma System Therapy», organized and endorsed by the European and Romanian Associations of Transpersonal Psychology and by the Psychologist’s College of Romania; the second generation of trainees for this program started in September 2015. The training is now open in Italy and Moldavia
Title Presentation
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
Short Abstract
Cinzia is a psychotherapist - receiving her degree in Psychological Sciences in Rome in 2003. That same year she established a private practice with which she still continues.
She completed the specialization in Integrative Relational Psychotherapy in ITRI in 2012 where she delved deeply into analytical Jungian psychology and systemic-relational therapy. The aforementioned studies served to improve her skill in assisting in the healing of the mind, body and soul of her patients.
She continued with her professional development in Pneuma System where she found a synthesis of her former studies, something which allows her to draw together both her personal experience and her professional training.
The integration of transpersonal experience. Mandala and Pneuma Analysis
Pneuma Analysis aims to spread a psychotherapy based on the experience of consciousness expansion in order to tap into information and insights to bring into ordinary life. In the experience of the expansion of consciousness it leads to symbolic and archetypal worlds in which we learn and receive nourishment of light, truth, love and wisdom.
Having seen the transpersonal experience of Pneuma Breathwork a mandala is designed (from sanscrito “essence”) in which the essence of our experience is represented.
The integration is an important step in the process of Pneuma Breathwork. Using the graphic representation of the mandala the experience is crystalized leading to the phase of integration of the expansion of consciousness.
(Greece/South Africa)
Lindy-Lydia is a certified transpersonal psychotherapist, psychologist, educator, researcher and author of A Soul’s Journey - The essence of a spiritual path towards the Transpersonal (Archive Publishing) Member of the core team of EDTR and editor of the EUROTAS newsletter, she runs a practice in Athens, Greece, and is currently completing her PhD in the application of Ancient Greek Myth and Music in personal, professional and transpersonal development. Founder of the Hellenic Association for Transpersonal Psychology and Research, she was director of the XVI Transpersonal Conference that took place in Crete in 2014.
In the Orphic tradition, stories are told about Orpheus who used the art of poetry and the cithara, a type of lyre, to enchant both divine and mortal worlds. Priest, shaman and initiator of those wishing to partake in the Mysteries of Samothrace, he is the source of the Orphic Mysteries and will be acknowledged during this workshop in an opening ceremony. After a short presentation on current research into the use of sacred text and ancient music in altering states of consciousness, we will journey into the labyrinth of self, accompanied by the recital of the Hymn of Aphrodite. Aphrodite will be acknowledged in her aspect as Ourania, the great, mystical goddess who is the mother of Harmony and Pandimos, the great goddess of Eros. The cause of union, Aphrodite personifies both natural and divine inspiration in her expression of attraction, love, desire and passion.
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Short Abstract
( Israel)
I am a clinical psychologist trained in Mindfulness based psychotherapies, mainly Hakomi method. I teach at both Emek Yezreel valley college and Haifa University Israel and I am the head of "Shiluv" - School for Mindfulness based psychotherapies and teach and coordinate our 2 year Buddhist psychology program.However, Storytelling is where I have always felt most at home.
Exploring the many facets of love through storytelling
In this workshop I would like to make space for exploring the many facets of love through storytelling. It will combine wisdom folktales with personal stories of the participants.
We will listen to our bodies telling our stories, and to the ways our stories are expressed and echoed in our bodies. We will listen to the words stories are made of but will focus our attention also to what maybe, in essence, nonverbal, unverbalized and even unverbalizable except perhaps in poetry.. Doing so we will explore the deep secrets or wisdom our stories may carry.
Jörg Fuhrmann is an Expert for Crisis, DeHypnosis and Trancetherapy. He has studied Social Science, Art and Dramatheatre. He also travelled around the World to different transpersonal Teachers and Shamans. He´s on a guided spiritual Path of integral Mysticism since 1999 and works as a Gestalttherapist (ECP/WCP)/ Eurotas Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist (ECTP) in Switzerland, close to the German Border near Lake Constance. He is the Founder of freiraum-Institute (2006) - which means “free- or open space” - and has worked many years as a Board certified Trainer for the National Guild of Hypnotists™  as well as a Speaker and Lecturer at different German Universities. He is also a Trainer at the biggest European Centre for Mysticism, Awareness and Zen. Since 2013 he is working on his PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. He has published several Articles and two Books. Actually he is developing a Transpersonal Trancetherapy-Training with different EUROTAS-Trainers. German-Page:
Title Presentation
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
Short Abstract
Inner-Team-Focusing® (ITF) & DeHypnosis: Shadowwork in Relationship
Nothing is so fullpacked with hopes, emotions, ideals, visions and energy as a close relation. And it also brings up to Awareness all the other qualities, which we normally don´t want to have or maybe even don´t feel very much related too: fear, anger, pain, envy, guilt, shame, loss etc. So the Relation is always a risk and a big Chance at the same time. When we see the circumstances under which archetypal or biographical conditions and personal preferences people choose one another deep Relation seems like an "miracle".
Daciana Tarasi has degrees in physics and psychology, and she worked in business for many years before following her passion in becoming a transpersonal psychologist. She received training in transpersonal psychology and holotropic breathwork from IRETT, France (Institut de Recherches des Therapies Transpersonnales), where she worked with a team lead by Bernadette Blin. In The Light Body School of Alberto Villoldo she was trained in the shamanic viewing of the world.  Daciana is in-love with life and the beauty within and all around us. She is passionate about attending to other people in the process of discovering the beauty of life, their inner beauty and opening their hearts to themselves and to the world.
Working with the Soul
Unfortunetely in these modern times the people have forgotten about soul which is granted a mere religious conotation. The people are well unchored in the material or fascinated about Spirit, but is difficult to make a conection beetwen.
This is an invitation to speak about soul and how it is different from Higher Self, or Spirit. When we speak about Spirit, we speak about the pure energy that transcends our individuality. It is the divine spark in every one of us. When we speak about soul, we speak about our unique spark, our specificity and individuality. The soul seems to be profoundly related to the way Spirit manifests in us, here on Earth, in the matter.
In our time together we will explore the relationship we have with our soul. How do we manifest the Spirit in every day life? How we are nurturing our soul?
( Italy)
Dr. Lattuada is the Director of the Integral Transpersonal Institute in Milan, Italy, a transpersonal psychotherapy and counseling training institute. Pier is also a psychotherapist, professor for Sofia University Global Ph.D. program, author, and Board member of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS). Biotransenergetics is a well researched and practiced, since the early 1980s, transpersonal method of psychotherapy that draws upon Italian Clinical Psychotherapy, Bioenergetics Therapy, and Brazilian Shamanic Practice. This Professional Training Workshop is designed for mental health professionals and licensed psychotherapists, as well as psychotherapy and counseling graduate students.
Title Presentation
Short Abstract
Psicotranse A psychology of presence, here, now, and all around
In ancient times the shaman was traveling in different worlds to realize the care and draw on the knowledge. The mystic, through prayer, dance, meditation, fasting, abstinence, selfless service reaches ecstasy, a necessary condition for contact with his God. Transpersonal Psychology and specifically the Biotransenrgetica has developed several Technologies of the sacred as a tool of investigation the dimensions of consciousness.
The Psicotranse teaches to realize that state beyond the mind where lie the solutions of the problems, the resolution of conflicts, the answers to questions, creative acts necessary to change and innovation.
( Norway )
Twice near-death experiencer, healing oral story creator-teller, transpersonal non-drugs natural healing arts workshops on such as toning, intuitive paintings, creative writing (from one word to sentences), dance-movement and communications, a one with inspired and in communication and co-creating with various "non-physical" "minds-are-joined" beings (like us), (we are never alone:)), shamanic practitioner, former board member of Eurotas, published author of the inspired dreamscapes - from East China along the Silk Road to Samarkand (Uzbekistan) Tales of Transformations, Shamanistically Speaking. Teacher of expressive arts. Director of "The Breathing Space for Young People" - Center of Creativity for Young (and often unemployed) school-drop outs. Finalist and presenter at The William Faulkner Literary Festival Words and Music 2010,12,15 - The William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition in New Orleans, USA, and among 5 best in category Spiritual at November 2015 Southern California Book Festival, USA - member of this latter's "Table of Honors".  Various expressive arts therapies workshops and speaker internationally for 20 years, -
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A Word - A Word for Your Horse, Horatio!
Let "King L'Ear and the Power of Love's healing journey continue"- stories emerge around the Fire of Life. The Holy Fool's time honoured "undressing and redressing in re-imagination - mindfulness and divinity makes for «music in the ear» (puns intended :)).  Let Hamlet, Ophelia, Julie and Romeo - whomever - choose again, to BE (instead of not to be). On a Breath of Life, on a Single Word - a dream, a body's gesture's into "one sing-song line with natural healing arts where no drugs are needed. Let defences speak - "that which is being defended has its very own words".
( Italy )
Arturo De Luca, Transpersonal Psychologist and Psychotherapist, has been teaching at the Faculty of Psychology - University of Rome La Sapienza - and at the Faculty of Medicine of Perugia. Former professor and researcher in Naturopathy at the University Jean Monnet in Brussels and Jungian analyst.
He is trained in Transpersonal Psychology with S. Grof (Grof Transpersonal Training) and with other Western and Eastern Masters, travelling to Egypt, Asia, India and Tibet. He is also trained in music therapy, bioenergetics, art therapy, sand therapy (C.G. Jung Institute, Switzerland), hypnosis and shamanic practices. He is graduated in Psychology, Philosophy, Law, Naturopathy. Contract Researcher of CNR (National Research Council). He is a teacher/trainer for the postgraduate training of Transpersonal Psychotherapy OM of Milan (recognized by the Ministry of University and Research).
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Love•Death•Redemption - Archetypes of the Light and the Shadow in the transpersonal healing proces.
The workshop - preceded by a brief lecture with a slideshow - will lead the participants to experience some healing practices through a deep contact with the archetypes of the Light and the Shadow inspired by the Greek-Roman and Egyptian-Hindu Mythology.
Years of our therapeutic experience confirm that universal power of the Love-Death Complex was the key of this healing and redemption process. Also the shamanic practices of the Greek sacred medicine and other ancient cultures used this transpersonal work for a renewal process of self-consciousness and healing.
( U S A)
Peter Fairfield OMD, LAc, Acupuncture, Oriental and natural medicine for 42 years, and healing as a boy. Taught acupuncture, Oriental medicine, Qigong and meditative healing programs throughout the US, resident acupuncturist at the Esalen Institute, Currently Adjunct professor At ACTCM in San Francisco.
Spiritual experiences propelled him to develop an East/West model of psychophysiology. In Nepal, China and India for 7 years, he used pulse diagnosis to assess advanced meditative and qigong practices on yogis to understand the deeper patterns of personality, disease and the fundamental intelligence of illness. He training included long retreats in Nepal, China and India. He teaches from Tibetan, Taoist, Qigong and Indian lineages. He was recently ordained a swami
Now living in Prescott Arizona. he specializes and teaches on psychiatric issues of mood, behaviour, personality and the transformative process.
He rated at the master level by the National Qigong Society and recently ordained as swami Premanand by Swami Bhramdev in Rishikesh, India.
His current book is “Deep Happy and his most recent paper, “Pericardium Energetics” published In the fall 2015 edition of the California Journal of Oriental Medicine.
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Healing From The Inside Out: Meditative and Qigong Techniques for Opening the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Heart and other Systems.
The Heart is the doorway to higher levels of experience. The physical, emotional and physical body holds patterns leading to fulfilled expression or imbalance.
This experiential workshop guides participants to directly experience the three octaves of the heart, their personal bonding polarity and to specifically interact with the dynamic systems and structures of their body, Including: Blood, lymph, nerves, brain, bones, membranes, DNA, organs and adaptive patterns. This process is easy and useful for even those with little previous meditative experience. Each will gain unique perspectives about them selves and also insight for their own families and professional therapeutic modality.
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Monica Irenne Aldea - psychologist,combined arts therapist,performer - indian music, balkanic and romanian folklore.
Graduate of the University of Bucharest -  Faculty of Psychology
Graduate combined arts therapist
Graduate Canto Class - Music School
Contemporary & Holistic  dance workshops
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Dance is a special  art. It is more than just motion and exercise. It is the feeling of being through movement and music.
Holistic Dance concept is a combination of dance and psychotherapy, starting from the idea that the movement can influence the mental state, a form of expression and communication that is helping the person to grow, to heal and to improve the general feeling of good.
Petra Jamnik, currently PhD student of Existential Psycotherapy and Counselling at Middlesex University in London, holds academic degree in  Social Sciences.
She has a life-long interest in intercultural psychology, spiritual growth and meaning-making. She has worked for couple of years with asylum seekers in Paris and imigrant women in Madrid, using art-therapy methods to faciitate process of cultural adaptation. In last three years she has also practiced authentic movement therapy, dance and bhakti yoga and is interested in exploring spiritual dimension of psycho- therapeutic encounter.  Her research thesis is focused on how people construct meaning when faced with life-terminating diseases.
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Overcoming addiction with Bhakti - yoga of love.
Many of us feel an emptiness, a hole in the soul. We sense that something is missing and seek shelter in addiciton.
Some believe that addiction is a sacred disease, a separation from our 'Source' and word 'Yoga' means to unite with the divine. Bhakti offers one of the ways of re-connection. Many regular Bhakti practitioneers, managed to overcome addictions. Instead of running away from themselves, they started running towards the strongest of all - divine love.
But what actually is bhakti yoga and where is it's secret power lies? We will try to untangle  those questions in this practical workshop.
( Brazil)
Author of the book, "Am I Bipolar or Waking Up?" Sean Blackwell has spent a decade informing people of the profound relationship between spiritual crises and bipolar disorder. Borrowing heavily from the work of transpersonal psychologist Dr. Stanislav Grof, Ken Wilber and other visionaries, Sean’s work is widely respected among those seeking an alternative to the current psychiatric model. His current project, The Bipolar Awakenings Healing Retreat, provides a safe, protective environment for people labeled with bipolar disorder to heal the trauma at the roots of their disorder.
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From Fear to Love: How We Heal through the Evolution of Consciousness.
Throughout history, people across the globe have spoken of love as the highest form of personal expression possible, and yet our planet if still rife with violence and conflict in all aspects of society - from the domestic disputes of personal relationships, to all-out war. The question, “Why can’t we just love one another?” is often asked, yet rarely answered. In this workshop, Sean Blackwell will bring a fresh perspective to this question, demonstrating how one’s capacity to love grows through the evolution of human consciousness.
Gina-Antigona Chiriac is the President of ARPI-the Romanian Association of Integrative Psychology and the Founder of the European Institute of Studies for Teenagers and Adolescents Executive in Romania. She is Psychologist, Psychotherapist with European Certificate in Integrative Psychotherapy (The European Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies (Eurocps), Supervisor in Integrative Psychotherapy (European Specialization in Supervision,  Trainer in Integrative Psychotherapy, Trainer in Clinical Psychology, Trainer in Socio-somato-therapy, Integrative-analyst Trainer, Psychotherapist with right of free practice in clinical hypnosis and Eriksonian therapy (at Milton Erickson school in USA). She has Doctorate of Holistic Medicine (HMD) in Calcutta, India and a Master Degree in clinical psychology and educational counselling, Faculty of Psychology, Hyperion University, Bucharest. Also she has a specialization in Supervision and Research in Integrative, European Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies (EUROCPS).
Mihaela Chraif is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educa­tional Sciences, University of Bucharest. She received her PhD in Expe­rimental Psychology Applied to work and transportation at University of Bucharest. She follow up a three year postdoctoral fellowship at University of Bucharest to study physiological reactivity, emotions and cognition at young and adults and a Master Degree in Cognitive Psychoterapy in Romania. She has published more than 130 research studies, parti­cipated at more than 80 International and National Conferences. She is Executive Editor of the Romanian Journal of Experimental Applied Psychology and the Vice President of the Experimental Applied Psychology Society. Furtehermore, as psychologyst she is autonomus in poligraf examination and Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy, Integrative Psychoterapy.
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From fear to love: exploring relaxation scenarios, decoding physiologic reactions
The workshop is focused on measuring emotions in three different experimental scenarios: exposure to fearful stimuli, love and peacefully stimuli and relaxation audio stimuli. The physiologic reactions of the human body will be recorded and decoded: Galvanic Skin Response, Hart Rate, Blood Pressure, Respiration amplitude. The questions are: How we react to fearful stimuli? How we react to love and peacefully stimuli? How we react to audio relaxation stimuli? Can our body react different? How can we relate de emotional states with the Emotional Intelligence?
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( Russia )
Vladimir Maykov, Ph.D. is a pioneer of transpersonal studies in Russia. Since 1990, he has developed and taught more than 15 teaching and training programs in transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy. He is the author of «Elements of Transpersonal Psychology» (2000), «Holotropic Breathing: History, Sources, Research, Clinics» (2001), «Transpersonal Psychology: Sources, History, Present-day State» (2004) and «Transpersonal Project: Psychology, Anthropology, Spiritual Traditions» (2007). He founded an international publishing project to publish transpersonal psychology texts in Russian and has edited about 80 books for this project. He is senior research associate at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Chair of School of Spiritually-oriented Psychology at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalyses. He is founding President and Board member of the Russian Association for Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy, Board member of EUROTAS and ITA, and founder of Transpersonal Project - organization for promoting the whole spectrum of transpersonal knowledge.
He is film director,  of the documento film “The Dance of Infinity”.
Love and Enlightenment: great Chance or an Illusion?
If you think that you are not in love, most likely, you are mistaken! What we call love, has uncountable quantity of shades and the names used at various times: from lust to bhakti love to a deity, from friendship to the highest synergetic connection, from romantic love to the Tantric union, from parental love to love to all mankind and care of all living beings.
Love - our greatest chance to awakening and freedom, but also and the greatest risk of an overthrows in negative emotions and slavery.
( Romania )
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Eugen Popa is president of Romanian Hypnosis Association and an international speaker and trainer.
He is specialized in Hypnotherapy, Resource Therapy (Advanced Ego State Therapy) and Yagerian Therapy (Subliminal Therapy) and has been teaching these methods all over the world.
Between teaching classes and working with clients and hosting his weekly TV Show on science, therapy and self-development, Eugen is deepening his knowledge by continuously studying as well as writing books.
Bhakti Yoga - From human to Divine through Devotion
In Sanskrit the word “Bhakti” has several meanings but the one that it is mostly known for is “devotion”.
The word “yoga” means union. Therefore, Bhakti Yoga can easily be translated as Union (between mortal soul and transcendental existence) through Devotion.
The Yoga system can be practiced in several ways so that every person interested in spirituality can reach their higher existence. This means that one can achieve this through Karma Yoga (Yoga of action) Kryia Yoga (Yoga of purification) Jnana Yoga (Yoga of knowledge), Raja Yoga (The Royal Yoga) or Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of Devotion).
Bhakti Yoga can be practiced by anyone, anywhere as it is not a technique in itself but rather an attitude, an aspiration.

The workshop will present the basic principles in Bhakti Yoga, the history and the tenets underlying this beautiful path as well as the connections between Bhakti Yoga and the art of prayer from Christianity.
The program will include a guided meditation and a Q&A Session.

In the words of Marin Preda “If there is no love, then nothing  is.”
Love exists in so many forms and is expressed in so many ways. When this love is focused toward a higher meaning, then everything becomes elevated.

Lets elevate ourselves în unconditional love.
Daniela Fechete - degree in Law (1992) and Psychology (2009). As a magistrate, she worked in juvenile crime prevention and social and family reintegration of underage delinquents.
Following a clinical death, after the birth of her first child, in 1993, she focused on her spiritual journey. During professional training and several courses in energetic methods of therapy, classical psychology and transpersonal psychology training, her interest in the domain of transpersonal and energy psychology grew.
ARPT member since 2009.
Authorized therapist in Pneuma System Therapy®.
Astrologer and professor of karmic and initiation astrology.
Prananadi® practitioner since 2000 (present - healing Lama level 8). Studied under the guidance of Masters: Ujlaky Gy.Tibor, Pertrezselyem Jozsef, Higyed Sandor.
Initiated as Protector Lama of the Way in 2008.
Prananadi Master Professor since 2003, with extensive experience, teaches courses, workshops, holds lectures and retreats in multipe cities in Romania. She presented and promoted the Prananadi Healing Technique®, the reincarnation technique, at the international alternative therapy conferences and at the national and international.
Urszuly Arpad graduated from medical school in Sibiu in 1999, general practice. He worked as a doctor in the emergency room and as a Balneology, Physiotherapy and recovery resident doctor. He continued his academic career by working as a laboratory assistant within the 5th chair of the Faculty of Medicine in Sibiu. He discontinued his university and medical career to pursue personal and spiritual growth and the spreading of dharma.
Since he was very young he showed an interest in spirituality, attending several related courses, later focusing his search toward lamaism. He studied under the guidance of  Lama Ujlaky Tibor, Lama Petrezselyem Jozsef, Geshe Tenzin Wangyal, Lopon Tenzin Namdak, Nagpa Jhon Reynolds and others.
A practioner of Prananadi since 2000, presently holding the title of Healing Lama(level 8) and Protector Lama of the Way since 2008 following the initiation received in Romania, Hungary and Nepal. He teaches Prananadi since 2003, holding many courses in Romania.
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Traditional Tibetan meditation with the Spiritual Guide
The workshop’s goal is to ease the process of contacting certain aspects of the superior self, fulfilling the individual spiritual needs of the participants.
Spiritual guide - inner teacher, often encountered during a special journey, energetically and spiritually sustained through the Prananadu traditional techniques.
Special climate - reminiscent of the Tibetan monastery rituals, will ease the access in a miraculous and exciting world.